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MY ASICS is the adaptive training program that helps runners train more effectively and improve results.

The MY ASICS training programs are personalized and customizable for every runner’s unique goals and abilities. When runs are logged using MY ASICS, the training program will automatically analyze running results and continuously adapt to improve training results, and ultimately help runners achieve their goals.

The MY ASICS adaptive training program was developed after seven years of run performance research at the ASICS Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan, and currently offers plans for marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km, 10 mile and 5 mile distances.

MY ASICS offers a suite of mobile applications to track, analyze and log runs. Download MY ASICS for iOS or for Android phones.


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The Verge

My Asics app runs the numbers to make you faster

Jeff Blagdon – September 20th, 2013

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ASICS launches adaptive training plan

Pando Daily – September 24th, 2013

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Pinoy Fitness

My Asics 2.0 gives FREE adaptive training plans to runners on Andriod and iOS

Pinoy Fitness – September 20th, 2013

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My Asics Builds a Customized Running Routine Just for You

Thorin Klosowski – September 30th, 2013

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ASICS' Adaptive Running App Trains You By Learning From You

Brent Rose – September 20th, 2013

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MY ASICS running app updated to version 2.0

Juan Carlos Torres – September 20th, 2013